You asked: How do I know if I have a Super T10 transmission?

What cars came with a Super T10 transmission?

Ford installed it in their full-size models (both Ford and Mercury), Mustangs, Falcons, Comets and Fairlanes until ’65. AMC continued to use it in their Javelin and AMX cars until ’74. Borg Warner started supplying to the original equipment market again in the early ’70s with its release of the Super T-10.

How do I identify my Borg Warner T10?

For example, on a Borg Warner T10, the identifiers T-10 and/or 13-04 should be imprinted on the transmission housing. On a T5, the identifier should begin with 13-52. The casing number on a Borg Warner T19 is 1309and the T18 casing number is 1301.

What did the T10 transmission come in?

T10 Transmission Overview

Launched first in the 1957 Corvette, the Borg Warner T 10 transmission featured a 10-spline input shaft, with an aluminum case to save weight. Other GM applications up until 1960 used a cast-iron case. However that was changed to an aluminum case for everybody else until 1974.

How much torque can a Super T10 handle?

Depends on the unit but around 500 lb/ft is no problem. I have one with the “Case splitter” 3.42 first gear and it survives 345 lb/ft easily.

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How long is a T10 transmission?

T5, T10, T56, A-833, Toploader Transmission Measurements

Model A B
GM Super T10, Muncie, Saginaw 6.3 in. 14.2 in.
GM T5 (V8) 6.3 in. 16 in.
GM T56, F-car (production) 4.9 in. 21 in.
GM T56, F-car (aftermarket)** 6.3 in. 21.5 in.

Who makes a T10 transmission?

The Borg-Warner Super T-10 transmission is a heavy-duty, four-speed manual transmission that was designed for use in high-powered muscle and sports cars. From 1974 until 1982, Borg-Warner produced the transmission for GM’s A-body and F-body sports cars.

How do I identify a transmission Toploader?


  1. The Toploader 4-speed transmission is identified by a small metal tag riveted to the right side of the case.
  2. The first line is the transmission’s ID number. The second line is the serial number.
  3. The codes listed here are for Ford vehicles.

How much does a T10 transmission weigh?

70 Lbs. Designed for the rigors of a road course, the Richmond T-10 Plus is built in the U.S.A. by American Craftsmen.

How do I know what Muncie transmission I have?

Another way to confirm that the transmission is original to your car is most Muncie four-speed transmissions will have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number stamped on the main case. The engine and transmission were stamped at the same time by the final assembly plant.

How much torque can a Muncie m20 handle?

From what I understand, they can handle way more than the t-10. The muncies have better cases & handle up to 500-600 lbs-ft of torque. I know my muncie m20 & my friend’s m20 handle our cars at over 500 lbs-ft of torque. T-10’s are to be used on mild 350’s not 455’s.

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What is a Doug Nash 4 3?

The Doug Nash 4+3 was a four-speed manual with an automatic overdrive on the top three gears. … Its two-speed overdrive was supposed to engage on its own when the driver eased off the throttle in a higher gear, with a system on/off switch in the cabin.