Frequent question: How reliable are LS engines?

How long will a LS engine last?

They Can Last A Long Time

A well cared for and regularly maintained LS engine can typically last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles, so even an older model that has seen some use likely still has years of life left.

Why are LS engines bad?

For an engine that is touted as such a performance-oriented engine, the LS has some shortcomings. Some LS variants have been plagued with bad piston-ring seals. This issue can cause oil-consumption issues. As this issue gets worse it can also create an increasing amount of blow-by in the engine.

Are LS engines really that good?

LS engines have many great features, from high-flow heads to low-down torque. Here are four reasons why LS engines are a popular replacement choice: Pushrods! – It’s not the pushrods themselves that are so good, but what they do to the overall engine size.

What is high mileage for an LS1?

Registered. 80-90k is a perfectly fine number to look around at. I wouldn’t even be worried if you go a little over that. The motor is good for 200+ With proper maintenance.

What LS motor is best for boost?

If you’re planning on boosting your project the 4.8L truck engine will be perfect for you. The 4.8L can take insane amounts of boost completely stock and will really perform well. If you don’t want a barebones 5.3L or 4.8L you could always step up to a 6.2L truck block which is based on the LS3 engine.

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What LS motor makes the most power?

LS9The most powerful production engine ever from GM, the LS9 is the 6.2L supercharged and charge-cooled engine of the Corvette ZR1. It is rated at an astonishing 638 horsepower. The LS9 uses the strengthened 6.2L block with stronger, roto-cast cylinder heads and a sixth-generation 2.3L Roots-type supercharger.

How much HP can a 5.3 LS make?

The stock 5.3L is factory rated around 320 hp with 340 lb-ft of torque. When on the dyno at Westech we were able to get close to the stock numbers 315 hp and 325 lb-ft with our 650 Holley carburetor swap, MSD controller, and Edelbrock intake.

Why do LS engines use oil?

It’s a fact: GM LS engines consume excessive amounts of oil. … Unburned oil expelled from the cylinders can coat the inside of the catalytic converter and prevent it from reaching its proper operating temperature. This creates deposits that impede exhaust flow and reduce power output.

What does the LS stand for on Chevy engines?

LS was Luxury Sport and LT was Luxury Touring. LS used to be the high-end (save SS) model back in the ’80s with the CL (Custom Luxury) package.

Is a 5.3 A LS1 or ls2?

bore blocks (1999–2007) The 4.8 L and the 5.3 L are smaller truck versions of the LS1 and were designed to replace the 305 and the 350 in trucks.